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Tire Repair Catalogue-Baolong.pdf

Download[Jun 27, 2019]
Application: Universal passenger car
This catalogue includes tire repair patches & strings, different tools, tire tread depth gauge, tire pressure gauge, air impact wrench, tire inflator, jacks, tire spreader etc. You can find a complete line of products related to tire repair problem, which is convenient for your one-stop purchase. With high quality control, we have been supplier of many famous brands, such as Giti, Bridgestone, Tech, Prema....


Download[Jun 25, 2019]
Application: Universal
Baolong takes this growth and its continued expansion in the area of traditional and wheel service products very seriously, all while keeping an eye on continuously improving its products.Its products have been exported to over 80 countries and regions all over the world, like USA, Europe, Asia and etc. By establishing a strict quality control system, Baolong has been granted certificates of IATF 16949, ISO14001 and EHS. Product Description: Product Name:  1.Wheel nuts and bolts Application: Universal, we have a wide range products for different applications, like Range Rover, Porsche, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Buick, Peugeot and etc. Common Material:35/45/40CrMo/42CrMo Finish:Chrome plated/Phosphate+oil/Black/Zinc plated/Dacromet/Electrophoresis Quality:Grade8.8/Grade10.9 2.Wheel spacers and adapters Wheel spacers are normally used when there is a clearance problem with brakes, tie rods and other components.   3.Wheel hub rings The hub rings can close the gap between the wheel and hub.

Car Accessories.pdf

Download[Jun 25, 2019]
Application: Acura, audi, BMW, Citroen, Honda
This is our new and hot selling car accessories catalogue for your view. It includes four kinds of the goods:Wiper Blades,Tool & Maintance,Safety & Travel and Care & Comfort. Wide range and customized package can be available for you. We have the good quality and reasonable price of the goods. Your best source for the car accessories!

Tire and Wheel Service Products.pdf

Download[Feb 10, 2014]
Application: Chrysler, fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Kia
This catalogue is mainly about our tire and wheel service products, including valves, valve accessories, valve tools and TPMS Service Kits etc. By establishing a strict quality control system, Baolong has been dedicating to supply high-quality products and has been granted certifications of ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001. Our valves were certified by TUV and we were also awarded the Ford Q1 certification for our high-quality products and excellent services. Our products have been approved by Giant companies such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Fiat, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia and Continental, which help to build significant and varies OEM relationships around the world. We are the biggest valve supplier in the world. The models with large sales volumes include TR413, TR414 and so on.


Download[Jan 23, 2014]
Application: Tesla
TPMS Catalogue. Please check the attachment for more details.


Download[Jan 23, 2014]
Sensor catalogue. Please check the attachment for more detail information.

Tire Valve.pdf

Download[Jan 23, 2014]
We can supply different kinds of Tire Valves. Please check the attachment for more detail information.

New Wheel Balancing Weight Catalogue.pdf

Download[Jan 23, 2014]
New wheel balancing weight catalogue
We provide all kinds of the wheel weights with high qulity and resonable price.
1) zn03 Standard zinc weight for most steel rims Epoxy polyester coating or silver coating Package: 5~40g, 100pcs / Box 45~60g, 50pcs / Box
2) zn10: Standard zinc weight for most alloy rims Epoxy polyester coating or silver coating Package: 5~40g, 100pcs / Box 45~60g, 50pcs / Box
3) 3160zn Stripe adhesive zinc weight A 60g strip in 5gx12 segments Package: 100pcs
4) 3145- 2 Strip adhesive zinc weight A 45g strip in 5gx3 segments and 10gx3 segments Package: 100pcs / Box
5) 3205fe 5g adhesive steel weight 2000 segments of 5g on a roll or a 60g strip in 5gx12 segments . . . . . . .
Furthermore, We are GM, Ford and Chrysler official supplier of tire service product. We always try our best to provide the perfect service and products for every friend. Please write to us directly by our email. We'll arrange the particular colleague to deal with your any problems.

Exhaust Flexible Pipes.pdf

Download[Jan 23, 2014]
Our flexible pipe absorbs vibration and reduces noise generated from the exhaust gas system, and improves riding coziness by absorbing running noise and also extends the life cycle of exhaust system. Flexible Pipes, Clamps, and Exhaust Components (Exhaust Tips, Muffler, Metallic Catalyst, Catalytic Converter, Header, and System)

Automotive Pressure Sensor.pdf

Download[Jan 23, 2014]
This kind of silicon piezo-resistive pressure sensor incorporates MEMS and ASIC technology in the design to achieve high-accuracy pressure measurements in the whole working temperature range. The Combination Sensor measures the pressure of the fuel at the inlet of the injectors to optimize fuel metering and to control combustion for improved emissions and engine performance. Whether CNG or LPG, it is conventional to measure both pressure and temperature, and the P+T package combines both readings in one convenient robust package. The pressure measurement from the Regulator or Tank Valve application is used to calculate the amount of fuel in the tank for dashboard fuel gauge indication. It replaces more traditional electro-mechanical devices and its accuracy can even help to detect possible leakage in high pressure LPG systems

Exhaust Systems and Components.pdf

Download[Jan 23, 2014]
Exhaust Tips, Flexible Tubes, Mufflers, Direct-Fit Exhaust Systems, Accessories(Clamp, Catalytic Converter, Hanging Belt, Perforated Tube, Adapter, Flange, Bent Tube, Display Rack Set, X-Pipe, Various Packaging Available)
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